Going Solar Makes Financial Sense

1. A 4% to 12% Estimated Annual Rate of Return 
That’s right - get a 4% to 12% return on your money by reducing or eliminating your electrical bill each month. Where else can you get this type of return? For example, if you purchased a home solar system that costs $17,900, and you apply your 30%($5,370) federal tax credit, your net cost would be $12,530. If you reduce your electric bill by $1,200 per year or $100 per month, your annual rate of return would be 9.6%. In addition, you would avoid any future increase in your utility bill which has averaged an increase of 4% per year nationally.1

1 http://news.energysage.com/residential-electricity-prices-going-up-or-down/


2. 30% Federal Tax Credit 
There has never been a better time to go solar!  Federal, state and local incentives are pushing costs down even further. Currently, homeowners may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.  For example, if you purchase a home solar system that costs $20,000, you will pay $20,000 up front and then receive a federal income tax credit (FITC) of $6,000 (30% of the original cost) when you file your personal federal taxes the following year. This solar incentive is different from a cash rebate, which gives you money back after filing for the rebate.


3. Potential Increase in Your Home’s Value
Research has found that buyers are willing to pay about $4 additional dollars per watt for a home with solar power compared to a similar home without one.
4. Avoid Utility Cost Increases
Utility companies will continue to increase electric rates by an average of 4% per year nationally. Over time, fossil fuels will continue to be limited, further driving the costs up. According to the Denver Post (May 4, 2016), “over the next six years, rates are expected to increase another 20% as new power plants, wind farms, and transmission lines are added, according to state regulators". With AAA Solar, you can say goodbye to unpredictable and costly Colorado energy rates.
5. Solar Panels Require Little Maintenance
At AAA Solar we can install your solar panel system for as low $3.70 to $4 per watt. Using these numbers, for a PV Solar system sized at 5.5 kW (or 5,500 watts), the average cost for going solar would be approximately $14,245 to $15,400 (after the 30% federal tax credit discount). We are passionate about helping Colorado residents save money on their power bill. We have different financing options available, including zero down financing options.

It’s About More Than Just Saving Money

Helping to create a better world for future generations is part of our vision. Unlike traditional energy sources, when you go solar you are not emitting harmful greenhouse gases, polluting groundwater or depleting any natural resources. Global climate change is a growing concern. Solar power reduces reliance on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. According to some experts, when fossil fuels are used to create electricity, they produce harmful gas emissions that affect the safety of the air, water and soil.  Burning fossil fuels releases extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere resulting in global temperature changes. These changes affect sea levels and climate patterns, wreaking havoc on economies and ecosystems around the world. Other gases produced from burning fossil fuels combine with chemicals in the atmosphere resulting in harmful side effects, such as acid rain and smog, that damage infrastructure, the environment and the human body. In addition to harmful side effects, fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource.    

We have several financing options available, including zero down programs.

Going solar can fit within your budget. AAA Solar has teamed up with several financing companies to provide you with competitive interest rates and loan terms. Some programs even offer financing options with no money down.

We make solar energy easy and affordable.